And Now The Rains

It’s no great secret that the way we eat changes with the seasons. In the hot months of January and February, all I want is salad, salad, salad: a diet of sugar snap peas and the occasional lemonade would do it. Now, the day after the first real deluge of this rainy season, I’m thinking pasta, cheese, braised red meat, warm apple crumble, honey lemon tea. In today’s class, we gave in to rainy-season urges, making tender, delectable gnocchi, served up with osso buco braised for two hours in white wine, and followed by moist red velvet cake. This was not a day to count calories. But then, we get to do this every once in a while. And when the weather tells me I need a big plate of comfort food, I say, “If you say so, weather. If you say so.”

Don’t worry: we’ll still have light, refreshing dishes throughout the next months (see October 28th’s awesome arugula + citrus salad, for one, or the 30th’s perfect green bean & pomegranate side dish). But there will also be lots of things to keep you warm and, you know, not hating the world for literally raining on your parade.

And for you Americans: stay tuned for the November schedule, to be posted soon, because we’ll make sure to cover Kenya-fied Thanksgiving staples throughout the month! Pumpkin pie, here we come.



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