Happy New Year!

The New Year is a time of resolutions, very often about food. At Open Table, we don’t like to think of any one food as good or bad; instead, we focus on balance, awareness, and thoughtfulness around the act of eating. Without a doubt, we believe the best way to improve your relationship with food is to eat things that are made at home, using ingredients that are fresh, local, and free of mysterious add-ins. Each of our classes starts with a table full of simple, raw ingredients, and we spend our classes transforming familiar items into new, adventurous dishes. Plus, we always discuss how to adapt dishes to suit different diets & preferences, whether that means replacing eggs with banana, reducing sugar or salt, or diligently choosing low-calorie vegetables over starchy ones.

So if you’re looking for a resolution to make, let it be this one: to eat more homecooked food in 2016. If you, your housekeeper, your kids, or your coworkers need a hand, you’re always welcome at our classes. Take a look at the February Class Calendar for upcoming group classes, or get in touch to design a private class. We look forward to cooking & eating with you.



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