Classes Available

These are the cooking classes that are currently available. Classes can range in size from 1 to 10 people, and whether you’re turning on your oven for the first time or expanding your culinary repertoire, all are welcome!

1. Housekeeper Training Classes: These classes take place on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 9:00-12:30. Emphasis is put on making recipes easy-to-read and replicable for all students. Menus center around dishes that are healthy, balanced, and delicious–without taking the whole day (or your whole wallet) to prepare. Anyone is welcome to join for just one or two classes, but we encourage students to sign up for at least four classes, as we cover the full range of essential kitchen skills & techniques. These classes are taught in a mix of English and Kiswahili. Students become eligible for a certificate if they complete at least four classes.

Cost: 2300/- per person per class

2. Nutritional Training for Nannies: This course, created in partnership with Strong Start, equips nannies with the basics of early childhood nutrition. Students will learn the building blocks of nutrition & feeding and come away with 12+ new recipes to try with their toddler. The next four-week block of classes runs Saturday mornings from 9:00-12:00 am, May 14th-June 4th.

Cost: 8000/- per person for the four-week course

3. Teambuilding: Looking for a fun activity for a group of employees or colleagues? Cooking classes are a great way to get people working together–and having a delicious meal at the end is a great reward. We can tailor a class to your schedule and interests, so just get in touch.

4. Dinner & Drinks: This class is ideal for a group of friends who are tired of going to the same old restaurants around Nairobi. Instead, why not learn to make a bunch of new dishes, plus a cocktail, and then enjoy a meal together in a cozy home setting? You tell us what you’d like to learn & how many people will attend and we’ll give you a quote.

5. You tell us! Want to have a field trip for a group of elementary schoolers? Need something to occupy your kids’ time during school holidays? Have a birthday for an aspiring chef coming up? Send an email to and we’ll figure out a way to make good food happen.


4 thoughts on “Classes Available

    • aedodd28 says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Most students come one day per week. This works well because the groups get to know each other, which builds great community amongst the students. I recommend a minimum of four consecutive classes to see a real improvement in cooking skills.


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